Why Muslim women’s clothing offends Westerners

Many Western women who have the freedom to dress however they please rather than according to religion find the attire worn by Muslim women in public to be offensive. To those who have lived largely without fear of being raped, the idea that women must cover their heads and bodies in order to prevent being raped is outrageous. This freedom is threatened by the current blending of cultures and the entry of women wearing face and head coverings.

Another offense is gender segregation, which is not permitted in the democratic societies of the west. There is a growing fear among women in western countries, even though it appears to come down to men who can’t control their urges and their likely gang rape of women.

Muslim head scarves are frequently perceived as a form of terrorism and a means of persecuting women. Our hearts go out to the young girls who are made to wear such an item, which makes them stand out and may be a source of ridicule and misunderstanding in a hot country like Australia.

It is not beneficial for these people to bring their traditions and indoctrination with them when they enter a free nation. Men in both their immediate and extended families stand over them because if they rebel against it, their brothers, fathers, uncles, and even mothers will turn against them. They are at odds with other women because, despite the fact that they now reside in a lovely democracy, they were never a part of it.

Many women don’t wear the scarf, despite the claims of some who do. Education is undoubtedly a way for us to voice our concerns, but how does one overcome their fear of being sexually assaulted? Maybe the thing that offends people the most about it is that.

Since my reincarnation proves that the concepts of heaven and hell, upon which all religions are based, are false, in my opinion, all religions are false. But until some people decide to leave and see the light, they will continue to have absolute power over their people. For Muslim women, that is least likely to occur.

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