The Purpose of the Mangalsutra on Indian Brides

The ceremony where the groom takes the oath and ties the three knots around the bride’s neck in the presence of a priest reciting the Vedic hymns is known as “Mangalya Dharanam”, meaning “wearing the auspicious”. A woman gains the status of a wife by donning a mangalsutra. This is something she must wear for the rest of her life or as long as her husband is alive.

Mangalsutra is worn as a necklace after the wedding on an auspicious day. It is made of gold and black beads that are strung together on jewelry thread or gold chains. As per their customs and traditions, the groom’s family typically selects the mangalsutra’s design. A beautiful pendant made of gold or diamonds may be at the end of one or two chains. Everything is based on how wealthy the bride’s family is.

What do the mangalsutra symbolize

A mangalsutra is not a piece of fancy jewelry. It is very significant and valuable in the life of a Hindu woman who is married. It represents a couple’s love, trust, and marital bliss.

Traditional mangalsutras typically have two cups, one of which is hollow and the other raised. The body is in front of the hollow sides. It is thought that Goddess Shakti resides there and that as a result, divine power gathers there.

According to Hinduism, the mangalsutra symbolizes Lord Shiv and Shakti. The mangalsutra’s gold beads stand in for Shakti, while the black beads are thought to be Lord Shiv’s third eye, which is said to ward off evil eyes.

A mangalsutra arouses a woman’s inner awareness and serves as a constant reminder of her husband. It is thought that the Fire Element, represented by the mangalsutra, gives women the drive to desire, learn, and take action.

A woman is reminded of her responsibilities to her husband in her marital life by the mangalsutra. Mangalsutra is the moral code for married women, according to the tenets of Hindu dharma.

Do modern women wear a mangalsutra

In particular, women who live in cities no longer consider themselves to be stay-at-home wives. They are reluctant to wear mangalsutra with their designer suits when they go to work. They wouldn’t want to wear a cumbersome, ornate gold mangalsutra.

The mangalsutra designs have also changed significantly over time. The current fashion is to wear a short, sleek, single-string chain that ends in a tiny designer diamond pendant. The idea of wearing black beads to ward off evil eyes still holds true, though. It also stands for the sanctity of the marriage institution.

What stores sell fashionable and designer mangalsutra? Today, many reputable online stores still carry it. There are numerous amazing designs available, and some mangalsutra sets come with a matching set of earrings.

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