The Art of a 16 Hour Wardrobe: What Women Need to Wear to Go From Desk to Dinner

Do you keep any ghosts in your closet?

You’ve been wearing the same kind of boring, dull, monochromatic, comfortable, but unattractive work attire for about 7 years. I refer to this as “dumpy duds.” They fit the mold of what was expected of corporate life decades ago, they cover me, and they are functional!

However, they don’t make me feel good about myself, and I most certainly don’t appear to be a boardroom boss, attractive, or powerful. Do YOU still have any unsolved mysteries in your closet?

WHY?! What gives?

You’re a force to be reckoned with—a smart, determined, and successful woman who is accustomed to outperforming everyone and everything around her. You are someone who has the SKILLS to GET things DONE. And if you didn’t know how to succeed in a man’s world, you wouldn’t be here right now.

You’re not a man, and one of your most potent assets for developing the vigor, force, sassiness, and, yes, success you seek is your clothing. In comparison to us women, men’s fashions are much more restricted… our clothes really can help define us. You don’t have to wear the “uniform” that society has created.

Be authentic!

Show up!

Be the woman you truly are!

A great wardrobe that makes you stand out is ALWAYS possible.

I was constantly in “corporate mode” in the 1980s. I didn’t even think about dressing in a way that would make it easy for me to go from work to evening. I didn’t think once about including more “feminine” pieces in my wardrobe. Suit, hosiery, belt, stilettos, and briefcase were all worn with it. IBM established the dress code, so that is what we wore. It took me more than eight years to even attempt to wear a camisole that might show through my blouse.

I’ll demonstrate for you how to make the most of being a woman by enhancing your wardrobe with sass and sensuality. And I’ll assist you in transporting your wardrobe from the desk to dinner.

The majority of us are in essentially the same shape from our 40s to our 60s, the truth be told. Our bodies are no longer 25 years old, tight, and flawless. There are sagging areas, wrinkled areas, and even sunspots that are beginning to appear. For a size 0 with less than 15% body fat, our kind of bodies won’t fit in tight, revealing clothing. However, that doesn’t imply that you should just give up and bury your body in a “burlap sack” or some baggy clothing.

If all this is a bit overwhelming, here’s what you want to do:

1. Get a personal shopper

Get your behind out of the computer chair and into a higher end clothing store, like a Nordstrom, Macy, or Holt Renfrew, to name a few. Start by enquiring about personal shoppers, then strike up a conversation. You can get the information you need from these people! Before you choose to actually hire a Personal Shopper, request a brief consultation. Bring a few of your go-to items with you, enter a store, and ask for advice! This aids in selecting a personal shopper and determining their compatibility with you. In the clothes they choose for you, you want to feel and look better.

Tell her (or him):

  • I’d like to add some bold/eye catching pieces to my wardrobe
  • I’d like some ‘swish-y’, soft and/or textured pieces
  • Some accent items, like shoes, purse/bag)
  • I’d like some tops or blouses that I can wear after work so that if I wear a daytime jacket and take it off, then I have a different look
  • (Hats, gloves, scarves, etc.) are accessories I would like.)

Take some of your own clothes with you when you go shopping! Allow her/him to make suggestions so you won’t have to buy an entirely new wardrobe. You might even pay multiple visits. Use your smartphone to take pictures of additional items.

If you are hesitant to schedule an in-person consultation, look for female fashion consultants online. It is ridiculously simple in the digital age. Google “Image Consultant” or “Image Stylist”. Some will cooperate with you remotely. You can take pictures of some items in your closet as well as yourself wearing various outfits and post them online for suggestions.

In case nothing else works, take a stylish friend shopping with you after she peruses your wardrobe. Lunch is on you!

2. Wear flattering makeup

I believe that a statement lipstick—one that isn’t just neutral—is essential for every woman who wears makeup, preferably one that is either great red or great pink. A colour that says: “Here I am!”

Get assistance choosing the shade from a pro at a MAC counter or a specialty counter. They see you differently than you do, so believe me when I say that (and let them know which kind of light you’ll be wearing it in the majority of the time). If you’re not going high end, another suggestion is to get a tester or sample and ask a friend to assess the tone on you. Also, purchase an “under color” that will soften it during the day. In your purse, keep them. If you have time to apply your lipstick at all, wear your lighter shade during the day and then layer on the darker shade at night.

3. Get a great pair of dark washed flattering jeans and a pair of statement shoes

You may be able to wear a fantastic pair of slimming jeans frequently and in a variety of settings. Dark wash is really the only pair to consider for the ultimate slimming and “desk wear to dinner” option. Put on a great pair of shoes to go with them! If you have to ask, you might not want me to explain why I’m calling these your CFM shoes. Even though they are very tall, these shoes are still cozy. Your legs and silhouette are used to make a statement. You can find some very comfortable platform shoes right now thanks to the new platforms that are available. Purchase a pair—and no, not just black ones! They can stay at the office, where you can put them on before leaving. If you want to be provocative at a bar, you can even provocatively dangle them off your foot… men love a high heel and this move especially seems to be a show-stopper! Playing up your feminine sensuality is acceptable!

4. The underworld

There’s a good reason why Spanx have taken over the world.. Sara Blakely, I appreciate you. She has helped us look a little tighter and more supported, allowing us to flaunt our current gorgeous curvy shape. We remain able to demonstrate our femininity while being kept together by this bodywear. Get the appropriate help you require.. Your figure and the clothing options you now have are drastically different as a result!

5. Layers, layers, layers

Layering will give your outfit flexibility and make the transition from day to night simpler. Remove your suit jacket to reveal a stunning blouse and skirt, and then swap it out for a pashmina or other wrap that can be worn sensually over your bare arms. Change your shoes for glamorous heels and change your accessories to add more sparkle to your evening attire. Keep in mind that you are trying to command attention, and that won’t happen if you appear as though you just left the boardroom.

So to recap, here are your daytime to nighttime essentials:

  • Wear colour(s)
  • Wear skirts and dresses ideally
  • Wear soft, feminine fabrics that accentuate your assets
  • Wear heels or a great pair of boots
  • Invest in some statement pieces like fabulous heels or a sparkly blouse
  • Include ONE shimmering, obnoxious, textured, or vibrant detail in your attire. Accessorize!
  • Layer your clothing

Rome wasn’t constructed overnight, so keep that in mind. Neither is a fantastic wardrobe. Get assistance or do some online shopping.

Once you have the necessities, you won’t ever have to worry about what to wear when you’re meeting that special someone for cocktails (or looking for the next special someone) or spending time with your spouse on “date night.” You may be surprised at how enjoyable and simple it can be to transition from a daytime power player to a nighttime diva once you’ve taken a few baby steps.

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