Important Style Advice for the Winter

It’s time to pull out your winter clothing from storage and cuddle up next to loved ones now that the weather is cooler. We’ve got a few key winter beauty tips to get you through the chilly months and emerge like a glorious chicken in spring while keeping your gorgeous self looking picture-perfect. Or a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, whichever you prefer.

Winter is hard on the skin, so moisturize. The loss of moisture in your skin is accelerated by the drier air outside and the warm air heaters that are frequently used indoors. In the winter, your skin may feel tighter, and the colder weather may cause patches of your skin to become rough or itchy.

We advise using an effective organic moisturiser with natural ingredients to ward off this feeling and leave your skin feeling soft and fresh. Avoid using chemicals, as they may cause your skin to become even more dry over time. Before applying makeup in the morning and after cleansing in the evening, moisturize your skin. Carry a hand moisturizer with you to use throughout the day to prevent dry skin and have lovely hands.

Use a mild soap on your skin to reduce the loss of natural oils. To avoid chemicals, look for soaps made with natural vegetable oils.

LIP BALM – To prevent chapped lips in the winter, a good lip balm is necessary. When lips become dry, it can be difficult to resist the urge to lick them to moisten them. A good lip balm can help alleviate that dry feeling, preventing the temptation.

Lips rely on external forces, namely you, because your face has thinner skin and lacks the oil glands found throughout the rest of your body… with lip balm, to retain their moisture.

The best thing about lip balm is that it gives your lips a glossy sheen and comes in a variety of colors (and flavors!) to spice things up.

Use natural lip balms instead, like beeswax or hemp oil, to avoid using petroleum-based products on your lips.

EXFOLIATE – As a result of the cooler air holding less moisture and the prevalence of heating devices in our environment, wintertime skin is significantly drier. Exfoliating twice a week is a good way to keep your skin feeling young. You will feel refreshed after using a good salt scrub to remove dead skin. Excellent, all-natural scrubs that moisturize can be found with ingredients like coconut oil.

Avoid taking long, hot showers in the winter because they exacerbate dry skin and strip the skin’s surface of its natural oils.

Now that the fundamentals are taken care of, it’s time to add some hot winter trends to that polished, moisturized, and buff body of yours. RED NAIL POLISH After the summer’s pastel trend, winter is characterized by strong, vivid reds, and we love it.

Make sure all of your nails are the same length to achieve the best results. We apologize, but we must remove any long nails that you may be proud of. Using a cotton bud or cuticle tool and hand moisturizer, gently push cuticles back. Nails should be smooth and rounded after filing.

This winter, burgundy and deep reds are very fashionable, so start painting the town (your nails) red. For nails that last especially long, don’t forget to use an undercoat and top coat.

As red nail polish is frequently made using the carmine beetle, look for a vegan alternative.

BLACK EYELINER – Has it ever truly vanished? Every woman’s (and some men’s) beauty bag should contain this staple for a reason. But this season, makeup artists are literally working outside the lash line or “thinking outside the box.”

Some of these styles are ones we’ve seen before, like cat eyes or wings in the Egyptian fashion, but the trend is expanding upward and outward. You can now experiment with your pencil by drawing dark outlines over the top of the eyelid and far below the comfort of the lower eyelash, just like you’ve wanted to with your mother’s makeup since you were four. Get definite and bold because this season is all about creating your own distinctive look.

There is a wide variety of makeup brands with Australian roots available. Support local.

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