2013 Fashion Trends for Plus-Sized Women in Spring

Many of you might still be shivering due to the chilly conditions outside. Although you might not even want to think about spring right now, it will be here before you know it. Especially if you are a woman with a full figure, now is the time to start planning what you will wear in the spring. In the world of fashion, nothing is ever truly new. The majority of trends are simply old ideas that have been repeated, processed, or reinvented. It’s time to start getting excited about the upcoming season and the current trends, some of which you may already have in your closet.

When it comes to their wardrobe, many people have already begun the planning process. In order to reveal your body, which has been hidden beneath layers of clothing for so long, you will take off the winter-related layers of clothing in the spring. Therefore, I urge you to get shopping as soon as possible. Use some of the advice listed below to get your springtime attire.

1. The Crop top

You heard correctly, that much is true. Many people mistakenly believe that crop tops are only suitable for women with small waists. Women who are plus-sized and have some midsection bulk are not exempt. Even if you surprise yourself, you can pull off the crop top. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, and you better believe that. All you need to know is how to wear it. You don’t have to expose your entire midriff; you can just show a little belly skin at the top of your waistline while remaining at ease and self-assured. You can do this by donning a bottom with a high waist, like a pair of shorts, pants, or a skirt. You can’t possibly make a mistake with this. Add a tank top underneath the crop top if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it this way, and call it a day.

2. All White Colors

Yes, white all the way down to your toes. Designers like Vera Wang and Roberto Cavalli are incorporating the all-white trend into their spring collections as it assumes its rightful place in the fashion world. We have recently seen so many neon and block-colored outfits that I believe we have forgotten how elegant and polished we can look in white. Never consider the opinions of trend critics in the fashion industry. Even if you are a plus size, you can look absolutely stunning in white.

3. Appealing Peplum

The peplum trend originated in the 1980s. Although it has been around for a while, the spring season works well with it. You can look stunning wearing both peplum tops and peplum skirts. For plus-sized women, it hides those curves you don’t want people to see and brings out your inner chicness. The peplum dress comes in both vivid animal prints and solid colors. This item will always be appealing, so you have a variety of options.

4. Floral, Ruffles and Stripes

There will always be a connection between spring and floral patterns. It makes you feel girly and gives you a feminine appearance. You can wear floral in a blazer or a pant suit for plus-size women. For spring, floral is an absolute necessity. 2013 will be the year of stripes. Dresses, rompers, tops, skirts, and blazers can all be styled with stripes. They help you appear trimmer and will give your body its balanced appearance. Blocks of color were somewhat in style in the 1980s. You can be sure that it is back in the rotation of fashion. Nobody will be able to focus on just one area of your body if you are dressed in blocks of color. Nevertheless, the weather you are experiencing should be taken into consideration when choosing your color-blocked outfit.

Not to mention, this spring, you should prepare for plus size retailers to overuse ruffles. I personally enjoy ruffled tops and a dress with a playful ruffled hem, so I’m excited to snag some brand-new items at reasonable prices. This spring 2013, look out for these trends. With these, you’ll stay fashionable and up to date.

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