Your prayers are not optional, businesswomen

How do you maintain a healthy perspective while taking care of all the things you need to do, the people who depend on you, and yourself in this difficult life? God is the only person you can depend on, so pray. You can always count on him. Even though you might not always feel His presence, He is always present. Let’s explore this issue further…

I can’t feel His presence

It’s not because God has abandoned you when you can’t feel His presence. He won’t do that, but he will occasionally be quiet. He is silent when He’s waiting and watching me, I’ve discovered in my life. How will I handle a particular choice or circumstance. Will I turn to Him for advice and wisdom, or will I think I can make sense of things on my own?

Additionally, I notice that when I’ve been distant from God, He has been silent. I miss spending alone time with Him every day. For some reason, it’s really challenging for me to return when I’ve been stuck and haven’t turned to God. For me, I think the reason I’ve cut Him out of my life is because I’m ashamed and embarrassed. He never accuses me of anything, but I still abuse myself.

Perhaps you’ve had similar experiences.

I pray, but nothing happens

Oh my, this can be so challenging. Probably someone has told you that God responds in His time and in His way. It’s true that waiting on God can be discouraging, but this too calls for the right attitude. You can always be sure that God will respond in a way that is much grander than you could possibly imagine or even have known to ask for. He is a large God, and significant events occur when we do not confine Him.

Be sure to pay attention. Possibly, but perhaps not in the way you anticipated, God is now responding to your prayers. He will act in a way that is best for you and that also brings Him the most glory. It’s not always true that what you think is best and what God knows is best.

There is nothing wrong with asking God to work “now” or “please do not tarry”. When I did this, I immediately saw God move. Being all-knowing, he will act in the best interest.

How frequently do I offer the same prayer?

At least a few different schools of thought exist in this area. Some will contend that praying to God only once is sufficient to fulfill your needs. He heard you and recognizes the situation. Some will advise you to consistently and persistently pray. Personally, I favor the second option. I don’t always pray for the same thing every day, but if the situation is deeply troubling and burdening my heart, I will pray frequently throughout the day.

The Father’s requests are translated by the Holy Spirit. Every time I lift a prayer, I have faith that He will provide the necessary interpretation.

Why should I need to pray even more as a professional woman in leadership?

All people’s lives are made of women. Who in the world hasn’t needed a woman at some point in their life? “No”.

Even more people look up to you because you’re a professional woman. How many employees do you have in your company? That is how many people see you as a strong, dependable leader with excellent moral character. You cannot carry that burden on the strength of your own knowledge and reason. Even if you manage to survive for many years, you will never be complete or as great as you could be if you relied on the universe’s creator to be your leader.

I’m not sure where to start, it’s been so long

This is easy. Starting is as simple as saying something like – “God, this is me. I apologize for the long silence between us and ask for your forgiveness. I want to get started right away.” He is standing by, patiently waiting. which you can rely on.

I advise starting by keeping a prayer journal. This will make it easier for you to remain alert to the ways in which God is responding to your prayers and to keep a record of the ones you have offered. Remember to express gratitude and adoration as He answers your prayers.

“Lead Like Jesus” for September 12, 21012 states:

“Turn your attention to God, to the One whom you long to please, when dissatisfaction with yourself as a person and as a leader overwhelms you. Find comfort in His mercy and grace as you endeavor to advance in His strength. Where is it necessary for you to give God a fresh surrender, putting your faith in Him to guide you?” It appears that prayer is the solution…

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