Dare To Dominate Her

She is fearless and vulnerable within herself. Her influence extends to every corner of the globe rather than being confined to four walls. According to the social norms, society constantly labels and judges women. Her movements and thoughts are monitored and judged simultaneously expected to think and live as per the male dominating roles, rules, and regulations.

Instead, her value is divided into two categories: family- or career-oriented. The majority of the women are entangled in an enormous web of GUILT, a sense of rejection or blame. She is drawn into the web of preoccupied ideas and circumstances that constantly make her feel exposed.

Her choices and actions are a reflection of the social pressure that constantly seeks to dominate and demoralizes her. Ladies everywhere, stop trying to please others; it is an endless trap from which there is only one way out—your own destruction.

If she is a workaholic, her commitment to her family and her education are both called into question. She could be made to feel withered and thrashed under the pressure of men and even women who are not human enough to relate to and understand the suffering and anguish of others in this society, which measures her existence by leaving no space untouched.

However, she is the source of life; she is the womb from which this world emerged. Her strength and distinctiveness come from this. She is the only one who has the capacity to balance work and home life without neglecting a single duty.

The more people who judge you, especially those who are ruthless and powerful, the more they will try to break you. Although they will offer you free counsel, they will never stand by your side. It’s better to be content and take responsibility for your own actions. Once silenced by success and fame, they would stop speaking, which would allow for greater equality and a more liberal society.

She is not a tossable game that anyone can use. Everyone will be silent when she exits the door. It’s difficult to survive in this society, especially for women, but as time has changed, so have women; today’s women are brave, strong, and capable of handling any situation.

She is fearless, vulnerable, and will end your dominance at home or at work, chauvinists out there.

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